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Family Member Narcotic Searches

Our professional, non-intrusive  searches provide a deterrent to those considering bringing drugs into your home.  Located in Central Minnesota, we serve the entire state.

As a private investigation company, True North Canine Detection Services is available for any type of controlled substance search, including routine searches.  


We are not affiliated with police or law enforcement agencies, and our searches are confidential and discreet. 

Drug Detection investigation Dog

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How True North Investigations can Assist:

Our residential narcotics detection service is aimed to help our community’s families, by putting concerned parent’s minds at ease. We personally have seen lives ruined from teenage drug use and want to help stop that anyway we can.

If you think little Johnny or Suzie is into something they shouldn’t be or you have seen a change in behavior for the worse, please take action.

We do not rummage through belongings or cause a mess. Our goal is to find the narcotics or ease your mind, you can decide what to do from there. If narcotics are located True North Investigations can assist in identifying what types of drugs are present. 

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