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Drug Detection

Our professional, non-intrusive searches provide a deterrent to those considering bringing drugs into a workplace, school setting, home or any other venue.  Located in Central Minnesota, we serve the entire state Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa & Wisconsin.

  • Treatment Facilities

  • Detention Centers

  • Entertainment Events and Venues

  • Sports Teams and Events

  • Private Individuals/Homes

  • Commerical and Private Aviation 

  • Shipping Facilities

  • Storage Facilities

  • Others upon request

Drug Search investigation

Drug abusers cost American employers more that $100 billion dollars annually in lost productivity, sick time, employee theft, workplace accidents, workplace violence, workers compensation, lawsuits and insurance claims.

We take pride in our ability to assist local residents and businesses ensure the safety of their surroundings. Our handlers and K9 dog unit receive world class training in order to provide our customers peace of mind that their children, employees, or clients are in the safest environment possible.

True North Investigations can also assist with narcotics identification.

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