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Criminal & Civil Investigations

A favorable witness statement can make or break a case. After years of working with prosecutors and defense attorneys we are experts in conducting interviews and gathering the right evidence towards litigation support. Our trained Investigators know the right questions to ask and can assist in providing written, recorded, audio, and video statements to help win your case.

Crime Scene Investigator

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Civil cases are private disputes between individuals or organizations in which a person or entity will bring forward complaints that another person or entity failed to uphold their legal duty. The accusatory party will usually ask for completion of the duty and compensation for the harm done. A private investigator can be hired by one or both parties involved and can gather evidence in a reliable, legal manner.​

What kind evidence does a civil investigator look for?

  • Financial documents (checks, bank statements, etc.)

  • Computer and cell phone activity (emails, texts, GPS, etc.)

  • Statements from friends, family, and colleagues

  • Business and public records

  • Physical evidence

Criminal cases are situations in which a person is charged formally by the government on behalf of the people. It isn’t the victim’s responsibility to bring forth a criminal case and sometimes there isn’t even a specific victim. The result of a criminal case is a sentence that could include a monetary penalty, imprisonment, or supervision in the community. Investigation methods are usually determined by the government rather than the individuals involved.

Why Should I Use a Criminal Investigator?

  • Criminal investigators operate within the law to find evidence

  • Criminal defense investigators can gather evidence of wrongful conviction or accusation

  • Law enforcement investigators are often busy with other tasks

  • Criminal investigation divisions can be too short on resources to conduct a proper investigation

  • Exclusively dedicated private investigators are more persistent than law enforcement so they can often provide better results

  • Criminal investigators are not limited by jurisdiction

How True North Investigations can Assist:

If you are going to be involved in a court case, a Civil or Criminal investigation may be essential. Unbiased proof can be the determining factor in any case. True North Investigations can acquire this evidence in a professional and legal way. 

While there are many kinds of civil investigations, some of the more common ones are:

Personal injury investigations: These investigations look into how an injury occurred in order to determine potential compensation.

Workers' compensation investigations: The goal of workers’ comp investigations are to uncover and prevent insurance fraud.

Missing person investigations: Investigators conduct a missing person investigation to uncover information about people who are missing.

Child custody and abuse investigations: This type of investigation reveals the potential negligence and mistreatment of children.

Marital investigations: Investigations into marital disputes can uncover anything from domestic abuse to a cheating spouse.

When you need evidence gathered for criminal defense

  • To collect evidence for a criminal case

  • To find and interview other witnesses to a crime

  • To gather impartial facts about a crime

  • If you need surveillance or records searches to collect evidence

  • If law enforcement investigations produce little or no results

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