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Business Investigations

True North Investigations works with a variety of corporate entities across the Midwest in helping them to find the information they desire. Our corporate investigative services will assist your company in continuing to operate within compliance of all industry, governmental, and company policies. Our investigators will also work with executives to find answers and solutions when policies and procedures are breached by internal or external sources.

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serving papers
Asset recovery services
Drug Detection Dog

Insurance Fraud

Our investigators work with insurance companies and Third Party Administrators across Minnesota to help defeat suspicious insurance claims. Performing Physical Surveillance in some of the most complicated areas of northern Minnesota.

Process Serving

At True North Investigations, we work with attorneys across the state of Minnesota and have multiple professional partners across the Mid-West to help delivery court documents and service of process. 

Asset Recovery

Let True North Investigations help track down assets and evaluate the real worth of those items for you. Misplaced or taken property by others has a way of disappearing fast. Speed is essential for successful recovery before the property is sold to unknown parties.

Narcotic Search

We take pride in our ability to assist local residents and businesses ensure the safety of their surroundings. Our handlers and K9 dog unit receive world class training in order to provide our customers peace of mind that their children, employees, or clients are in the safest environment possible.

Criminal and Civil investigations

Civil & Criminal Investigations

A favorable witness statement can make or break a case. After years of working with prosecutors and defense attorneys we are experts in conducting interviews and gathering the right evidence towards litigation support. Our trained Investigators know the right questions to ask and can assist in providing written, recorded, audio, and video statements to help win your case.

Our investigators look for clues and evidence to determine whether a crime has taken place. True North Investigators have more than 25 years of investigative experience working criminal prosecution and defense cases. Our defense work has resulted in numerous not guilty jury verdicts including serious felonies.

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