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Let True North Investigations help track down assets and evaluate the real worth of those items for you. From motor vehicle records to real estate property, and even aircraft and watercraft, there are a number of asset types that can be located and documented for Domestic Investigations.  

divorce asset investigation

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A concern in many divorce, domestic partnership termination, and legal separation cases is a spouse’s misappropriation of community assets. For instance, spouses or domestic partners may have transferred, concealed, misappropriated, and/or undervalued assets.

Of particular concern is when one spouse is more financially savvy and has more financial control than his/her spouse or partner. When this dynamic exists, a family law attorney can assist the less knowledgeable party in ensuring that his/her financial interests are protected. True North Investigations can help level the playing field by using our expertise and the expertise of experts. 

When a party has reason to believe that assets exist and have been hidden or transferred, the investigators at True North Investigations must consider common methods used to hide assets. Additionally, True North Investigations also looks to see if income and net worth has been undervalued. Some common methods employed by wrongdoing spouses or domestic partners are the following:

  • Physically hiding the asset

  • Converting cash into other assets that can easily be hidden

  • Making fraudulent conveyances or transfers of property

  • Fraudulent business valuations

  • Wire transfers to undisclosed accounts

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